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We can design and build a custom website to match your branding style, allowing you to professionally present your business online. Whether you are an established firm or a startup, we can provide a website design solution for all budgets. Web development mostly consists of coding, whereas Web Designing incorporates features and functionality. 

Web development 
Essentially it's the building and maintenance of the websites; It's anything and everything that happens behind the scenes to make your website look great, work fast, and perform well with a seamless user experience. Web developers do this using a variety of coding languages like java and python. Web development is simply divided into the front end (user-facing) and back end (Server related). 

The Front end Team takes care of layout design and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They take ideas from the drawing board and turn them into reality. Whereas the back end team engineers the storage of data, without that, there would be no frontend. Backend ensures the server's smooth functioning that hosts the website, an application running it, and a database to contain the data. Our team analyzes your company's needs and provides an efficient programming solution. We use various server-side languages, like PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java, to make all this possible.

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Let's Take A Glimpse Of The Steps We Follow While Web Development. 


Step 1: Gathering Information

With this, we mean your purpose, primary goals, and target audience. In this stage, we focus on discovering and researching. A well-described and detailed plan saves you from additional costs, which can later incur in the form of changing designs or adding functions that were not planned initially. 


Step 2: Planning Sitemap And Wireframe Creation

At this stage, the web developer allows you to judge what the website will look like. Sitemap describes the relationship between your website's main areas, and the wireframe is the visual representation of how your website will look like. This is mostly in black and white form. 


Step 3: Designing Page layout 

All the visual content that has to go up on your website is created at this stage. The layout is basically arranging all the elements on your website, and it's further delivered for review. If you approve, we start with the next step.


Step 4: Content writing and Assembly

At this stage, we write content that is engaging for your audience and serves your purpose. We make sure to provide all the content for approval before we start coding. 


Step 5: Coding 

Now our coders start their work. First, we create your home page and then the other pages of your website according to the hierarchy created in the form of the sitemap. Frameworks and CMS are implemented to make sure that the server can handle the installation smoothly.


Step 6: Testing, Review, and Launch 

Every single link is tested on multiple devices and browsers to ensure that not even an available link is broken. After it's checked and reviewed, we use an FTP to upload the website to the server. 


Step 7: Maintenance: Opinion Monitoring And Regular Updating 

We don't just deliver your website. We stay by your side to make regular updates, check what's working for you, monitor your traffic and suggest necessary upgrades. We focus on detecting possible problems. Regular updates keep your website free of bugs and decrease your security risks.


We have listed the steps and a bit of detail that go into web development. If you consider us worth giving a shot, kindly approach us! 


Video Editing:

Polishing segments of motion video footage, adding special effects, and sound recordings in the post-shooting process are called Video Editing. Video editing imitates motion picture film editing in theory. So, in several ways, motion picture film editing is a precursor to video editing. Directors and storytellers use videos to communicate fictional and non-fictional events. Editors manipulate these events to bring the communication closer to the original goal or target. Video editing is moving visual art.


A Video Editing Assistant would generally put together and polish recorded raw material into a suitable, finished product ready for broadcasting. It may include any material from camera footage, dialogue, and sound effects to texts, animations, graphics, and special effects.


Our Video Editing Virtual Assistant can edit your existing footage so it meets high standards. You can save time and avoid buying expensive video editing software. We'll provide better quality and color in your raw footage.


The primary services we offer in terms of video editing are

  • Rearranging, adding, removing shots of video clips

  • Adding and removing Audio 

  • Adding Subtitles and removing subtitles

  • Increasing Volume removing background sounds 

  • Applying color correction, filters, and other enhancements 

  • Creating transition before clips 


We have this software, so you don't have to pay for it

  • Camtasia

  • video fix

  • Adobe After Effects 2018

  • Adobe Premiere 2018

  • Poow Toon video editing software

Image by Jakob Owens

Goals for Video Editing

Before you start editing, it's advised to define your editing goals. Your outcome will depend on your goals. Your goal could be anything mentioned below.


Remove unwanted footage 

Many videos can be dramatically improved by only getting rid of flawed or unwanted bits. It's the simplest and the most common task in editing. 


Choose the best footage. 

Commonly people shoot footage more than they need to be able to pick the best footage while editing. 


Create a flow

Most videos aim at serving a purpose. It could be anything from telling a story to providing information. Editing is a crucial step to make sure the footage flows so that it achieves its goals. 


Add Effects, Graphics, Music, etc.

A Wow factor can be added to the videos just by including some additional elements. 


Alter the style, pace, or moods of the video.

A good video editor can create subtle mood prompts with techniques such as mood music and visual effects to get the viewers to give their best expression. 


Give the video a particular "angle."

Videos can be tailored to promote a specific viewpoint, impart a message, or serve an agenda.


If you would like a professional to save you from the hassle of buying and understanding various software for video editing, try giving us a shot! We won't disappoint you.

​If You Are Do Bookings In The Next 24 Hours, You Will Get 20 Hours Of Free Service From One Of Our Best Executives!

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