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How to Get More Instagram Traffic

Instagram is overloaded with excellent tools and features that can be used to popularize and grow your business. All you need is a good strategy and viola! Your fast-pass ticket to more conversions is here.

You can add clickable links to IGTV videos so as interested buyers can buy your products directly. You can make effective use of Instagram feed posts for promotion.

Instagram is a highly competitive platform. Still, It's the best place to market your product. You can raise an organic following. You can come across people who believe in your idea, cause, or efficiency. You can build your community, and with all these tools, you can overlook and overtake your competition.

How to instantly increase your Instagram engagement starter pack!

  • Create content for your feed that can be saved by your audience.

  • Employ Instagram stickers for instant conversions

  • Test and analyze new content on your followers

  • Make your posts funny and engaging

  • Encourage your Instagram tribe to share your stories

  • Try to establish an emotional connection with your audience

  • Write sensible and more extended captions

  • Share content that your audience loves

  • Create video content that can be published on your grid

  • Schedule your stories and posts to get more attention

  • Be careful with your hashtags

Instagram comments and saves play a significant role in branding. Suppose you produce the right quality product and post pictures with a subtle background and clear images that reeks of professionalism. In that case, your audience will tap that save button instantly. Just keep a thought subconsciously that people look for innovations and variety on Instagram, so make sure your promotion is promising.

Post consistently

You can not know in advance about the best time to post on your feed. It's something you test by yourself depending on the geographical locations of your followers as dealing with Instagram's algorithmic timeline could be a bit tricky. Studies suggest 1-2 posts a day are an excellent option to keep your feed fresh and maintain that much-needed presence.

Don't preach - tell stories instead.

You don't want to put up an image of a mediocre brand messaging that solely preaches about the product ignoring the fact that social media is supposed to be a 'visual inspiration platform.'

Build a strong brand

Instead of an erratic, haphazard approach, try to clarify, consistency, and creativity to build brand awareness.

Have a visually consistent Instagram feed

Every content that gains popularity on Instagram is aesthetically pleasing as it's a visually driven platform. Even if the glossy perfection is falling out of style, Instagram's heart lies in visual content. Users are attracted to authentic expression and diverse perspectives.

Choose the right hashtags

Hashtags have the power to make you trending on the number or make you disappear in the bottom of the feed like dust. So, it's up to you to select the most relatable and trending hashtags to keep up the appearance.

Create a branded hashtag

Creating your own branded hashtag is a successful marketing strategy. Starters should come up with a general branded hashtag that incorporates your brand's name in some form.

Focus on user-generated content

The holy grail for Instagram marketers is the user-generated content where followers create content for the brand. Firstly, it's approved by the audience. Secondly, it reduces marketing costs, and finally, you see your audience is involved with your brand.

Instagram is a cornerstone for many bigshot brands' social presence, driving organic traffic to land pages, growing conversions, and building an engaged client base and further expansion in new areas. And if your Instagram presence is not as robust as you want it to be then, it's the time to sharpen your strategies for getting real, organic followers on Instagram. The larger your audience size, the more you have an increased client base.

Add a Website Link to Your Bio

The most tested way to lead your audience to your website is by making them click on the link in your bio. With this, you get a chance to further engage with an interested candidate, which can now be converted into sales. Instagram provides the link in bio feature for free, so use it and get your target audience.

Place a Call to Action on Images

Many photos can convert. You can layer a call to action and your website URL in an aesthetically pleasing picture to get to your goal in one click.

Include a URL in Videos

Instagram videos are an immensely popular way for digital storytelling. The analysis shows that the videos on Instagram generate three times more inbound links than image posts. Hence, it's a smart idea to invest in a 15-second narrative to encourage your audience to click on your link.

Invest in Instagram Ads

Instagram provides two types of paid ads: the one that comes alongside peoples story and other comes into feeds. Both these Ads gain considerable screen time, and they are displayed to the audience based on their search keywords. Hence, the audience you approach via ads is somewhat related to your product. With this, you can see an increase in website traffic and e-commerce conversions.

Leverage the Reach of Influencers

The much-needed push for your products can be attained with the help of influencers. If you look closely, you can find multiple influencers willing to advertise your work. You can leverage their reach and credibility to amplify your message.

As Instagram is a revenue-based social channel that has outperformed twitter and google in recent years, it's best to be focused on driving leads to your website. If you are looking for someone to assist you with this task, we are here! We at virtual ZX concentrate on delivering quality results in terms of Instagram marketing.

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