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Festive Seasonal Variations How It Affects You And Your Business Or What You Do To Celebrate

Seasonality is an ever-evolving trend. It has numerous ways you can leverage every year. It feels like the festivals have come a little early if you visit certain websites. One festival ends. Another begins. It's a dynamic and evolving process.

In this blog, Let's explore seasonality and make necessary changes in our strategy, budget, and approach in the peak holidays.

What Is Seasonality? What Does It Mean From The Marketing Point Of View?

Basically, seasonality refers to periodic fluctuations in a predictable pattern based on a quarter or month. Seasonal opportunities are enormous, and often they are the most commercial times of the year. It's more than joyful lighting on your social media accounts. There are memorable holidays during the festive season that cause consumer behaviour changes, which can be monetized.

let's see how these opportunities can be incorporated into our marketing techniques

Spend Enough Time Forecasting

Only research and forecasting can take you through the spell of seasonality, changing demand levels, price-cutting actions by the competitors, and cut-throat competition. You have to know about the demand-supply predictions beforehand.

Keep A Keen Eye On Search Trends.

  • Google trends can be a beneficial tool to help highlight the broader search habits over a given time frame. Any correlations between specific searches and groups can be helpful.

  • Scour websites, blogs, online forums, and discussion boards: You have to analyze key trends actively often, scour new sites, search for blogs, gather industry reports into a format that can be easily deciphered.

  • Use different tools and analytics systems: It's advisable to use various devices such as google trends and google AdWords to pinpoint exact words for search results.

  • Follow prominent publications and influencers in your industry: Subscribing for web publications and following notable influencers in your industry is an easy way to get insights about the coming trends. If you evolve around these trends and changes, it gives you a competitive edge.

Tips For A Successful Seasonal Marketing Campaign

Pick The Right Seasonal Opportunity

You have to be selective while you collect data. Your customers are most likely to engage and then select among the most relatable events for your business. Creating seasonal campaigns is a good idea, whether it's a season-related content or a themed contest to promote sales.

Nail Down The Message And Approach

  • Like any other marketing campaign, the seasonal marketing campaign is also somewhat similar.

  • Mapping the customer journey and the story you want to tell: A customer's experience can be monitored from the initial contact for a long-term relation.

  • The emotions you want to evoke to your audience: The goal of deliberately sparking emotions is to create a bond with the audience. They find you compelling enough to invest in the product or service you offer. It's like sharing your story to create a long-term bond.

  • A call-to-action: The ultimate goal is to take action for fulfilling your marketing goals.

Fine-tune Your Budget

The essentials of marketing campaigns are fine-tuning your budget so that you don't have any last-minute surprises. Firstly, you need to create a baseline budget keeping aside all the essential expenses like bills, etc. Then you can turn over to your existing account to make possible adjustments for the upcoming season. Check out these key points to look forward to before you decide a budget. And you're good to go.

  • Gifts and bonuses for the employees and customers

  • Gifts for venders and clients

  • Ongoing marketing and advertising expenses.

  • Postage costs for shipping far off

  • And any seasonal charges or employees expenses

And Here Comes A Common But Reasonable Question. Is Seasonal Marketing Really For Me? Is It Worth It? Do We Need Extra Investment?

Seasonal marketing is mostly like a B2C thing, and it's a bit tricky to involve it in B2B business. Suppose you can be creative enough to incorporate seasonality in your business. It will work for you. No matter what industry you operate, you can always reap the benefits of seasonality.

You can re-use or remodel the successful campaigns that you have done before. You just have to spin the wheel that works best for your location and your customers' type. You should concentrate on customer profiling. Customers should be tailored to the individual. It's technically essential to learn from your previous campaigns and not repeat those mistakes; moreover, you can redo what worked best.

Good luck! For your marketing campaigns and if you need any assistance feel free to contact us.

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