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Email Marketing in the pandemic world.

Covid -19 has changed the world around us. This pandemic has canceled travel plans, schools and offices have implemented online lectures and work from home culture. Other segments are opening up like sports and theaters with covid protocols. We have a new world ahead with some new rules and cultures, and email marketing is one.

Businesses are experiencing a new change. The coronavirus concerns have introduced social distancing and work from home and communicating with their customers is a vital part; hence email has become a more useful tool.

Marketers need to take some special considerations while messaging as there are no in-person closures. You can make an excellent first impression if you keep your content top-notch for your email marketing. Read these few points before you start with email marketing.

The COVID outbreak accelerates digital transformation. It has affected vast areas like all parts of the market stack, from platforms to apps. The volume of email marketing campaigns has increased, and the emails are also to be modified.

If we look into statistics, the open email rates have increased from February to April. We can assess that email marketing has to be done continuously. Earlier, it was a culture to make email marketing an annual, quarterly, or monthly task. Marketers are working at breakneck speed to learn where they stand.

The workload of email marketers has surprisingly increased in this pandemic. When most of the business shut down or permanently halted because of the lockdown crises, it was expected.

Email marketing would also fall as sales take the hit. But staying connected online made it work for email marketing as people prefer email to SMS and video messages more. People who didn't believe in online shopping and payment have also increased their dependency on these portals during the lockdown.

Business have fears of losing revenue, but it is advised to keep going with email marketing and keep track of their 'Open rates' and 'Subscribers volume' as conversions of email marketing are increasing, or at least audiences give you a fair chance and read your email, so you have to deliver a good content that is welcoming and confident. Here are a few pointers -

  • Be mindful of your viewership

  • Offer value to your subscribers

  • Track metrics for your email interactions and deliverability

  • Chance to think out of the box

Even if your email is sent to a mass list, try to ensure that you reference the recipient's name, business, and job description. It will appreciate the personal touch and can be conveniently configured with most automated email services.

It will be the right choice to segment your lists and speak directly to your customers and know what they are going through. You can include some customer surveys that are framed to encounter any challenges your customers face and ask for the answers to help overcome such challenges.

You should have a customer-centric view and know about the emotional state of your customers. If you are interested in getting your hands on email marketing but you are not sure about your templates or content or want to get a heads up from a professional, we are here! Virtual ZX has remarkable experience in email marketing. Give us a chance, and we can prove our worth.

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