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Ambreen Shaikh (CEO)

Hey folks! I am Ambreen Shaikh. The CEO of Virtual ZX. First of all, thank you for coming to my page. It took a lot of dedication and willpower to be here. Talking about me, I am a homemaker and a CEO with two kids. Setting up a company is no big deal but changing my career path in the peak years was a tricky job. Heading to the part where it all started. It was 2013 when I was working as a dietitian after completing my degree in microbiology, and I had a sudden interest in the Digital marketing field. As it was a bit difficult to manage my house and the job, I decided to quit my job and start with something that inspires me. I started working as a freelancer for graphic designing projects, Data Mining Analysis, VA, CSR, etc. As time passed, I began to be more and more engrossed in my business. It was empowering, and I finally converted my passion into a profession.


I am a successful project manager, online digital marketer, and multi-tasker that can be an asset to any business. As a Top 100 Upworker in Administrative and Virtual Assistant Services, I have proven very successful on Upwork. Having founded multiple companies back to back, including Zaid Healthcare and VirtualZX, I have never looked back. Dedicated to ensuring total client satisfaction through 100% refunds, I follow up and complete all tasks assigned, and I am the creative thinker who can help brainstorm ideas to accomplish goals. I hold a bachelor's degree in computer application, dietetics, and graphic design. As Project Manager/Operational Head, I handled Portfolio Management, Digital Marketing, Website Building (front and back), Email Management & Customer Service, Social Media Page Management, and Graphic Designing for many clients. 

My role is to design and implement business plans, strategies, and procedures for sustainable growth at VirtualZX. In charge of the long-term vision and growth strategies of VZX services and supporting and leading daily operations. I provide Operational Leadership and Management support to the managers to ensure accurate operational controls, measurement, and reporting systems to support a safe, effective and reliable operation. Moreover, I also evaluate the performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics through the implementation of Power BI, measuring effectiveness and efficiency of operations both internally and externally, and looking for ways to improve processes using best-in practice methodologies.

I also ensure that company culture and vision policies are followed by conducting regular meetings. Finally, I am fully responsible for Profit & Loss accountability while building the network to support expansion and enhance customer engagement to acquire the business from various sources.

But something felt missing. I wanted to give back. I had a dream to be an exceptional individual who does something good for others. Then I came across people who like to follow their passion but don't have resources. Especially women who couldn't work because it was hard for them to travel. That was the beginning of our work-from-home culture. And this was good for the company as now I could hire people from any part of the country, paying them for their skills and grabbing the country's best professionals. It was around 2016 when we came to our breakeven point. I got certified at Upwork, new clients, and challenges started rolling in. and we expanded. Looking back, it feels like everything happened in a blink. Still, it was a challenging journey, with my kids growing up and competition in the market, new advancements, and ongoing studies. While working, I was even specializing in SEO, Content Writing expert, and Social media marketing, Graphic to Website Designing. To lead a team of professionals I had to be one step ahead. My husband supported me like a true gentleman. Today, I can proudly say that I am generating employment and Income for my team, my people. 


Ever Since 2016, we have been growing at a steady pace. In today's market, we have a new task every day. We learn every day and develop meticulously over these years specializing in research databases, I have gained tremendous experience in different fields just by submerging in the details for my clients. Our clients are a homogenous group of Influencers, realtors, HR agencies, interior designers, restaurant owners, photographers, builders, and online business companies. And that's how I get to work with incredible people


In my 12 years of experience, I have come across some excellent clients who inspired me to be consistent and outgoing. And I am grateful to my family for being there. To my clients for believing in me and my team for having my back. 

Sageer Shaikh (Founder)

Hii Everyone! I am Sageer Shaikh and I am the founder of Virtual ZX. I started my career in 2003 and ever since I am working. I started from scratch in my life without any support or guidance from anyone. To Support my family I took up my first job as a sales executive in Yellow pages to go from company to company to sell space columns in the magazine. I have continued my passion for studying wherein I have completed my graduation in Business Administration (to understand all aspects of the business), LEED BD + C from USGBC (Green building certification for Subject matter expertise) ISO 9001, 140001, and 27001 certifications. I also have a Six Sigma Green belt and Black belt certification, one of the top methods and quality management tools. A few other insanely inquisitive questions led me to choose to study Business Analysis, and I still believe that it is the smartest thing I have ever done. I am sure this decision will one day help me to change the world’s business management.

I strongly believe in the statement – Knowledge is Power, ONLY WHEN APPLIED.

The world always runs on the principle of survival of the fittest. In the field of computers and medicine, everything changes almost every year. To keep up with the world we should keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. I was born in a humble family wherein financial Management played a significant role in every facet, talking about education or any other basic needs. I remember my parents use to do a lot of planning before spending on anything. My interest sparked in computers when my father bought a video game in our house and I used to spend hours playing on it. It only increased with the introduction of computers in my school. Making different figures from the turtle in school to doing a Diploma in Computer Technologies and now applying for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics and learning AI and Machine Learning is like a dream come true for me. 

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