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We offer data processing solutions, which comprise the following:


  • Data Processing

  • Web Research

  • Real Estate Data Analysis

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Data Processing:

VirtualZX offers fast and effective data collecting services, allowing your company to get valuable insights. With years of experience in data gathering, combined with a dedicated team of professionals and analysts, it has provided us an edge in obtaining significant qualitative and quantitative data to assist you in making the top business-appropriate decisions.

Web Research:

We have a team of online research professionals that will work with you to identify your research needs and ensure that they will be completed on time. VirtualZX unites you to determine your daily research needs, minimize your risk, and offer the greatest options for your decision-making procedure.

Real Estate Data Analysis:

VirtualZX offers real estate data analytics solutions such as gathering, sorting, analyzing, coding, and organizing large amounts of real estate data into simplified and defined information. We have supplied real estate data analysis services for various major real estate companies in commercial real estate search and data management.


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